Note: This is not an overview of every aspect of the conflict. It is focused on tactical and strategic lessons of the war as well as tracing the development of the Iranian armed forces to the present day. The geopolitics will only be mentioned when directly necessary to elucidate information on the tactical and/or operational actions of the belligerents

Brief Background:

Tensions over territory go as far back as 1922 with both sides claiming the Shatt al-Arab, an important waterway between the nations. The Treaty of Saadabad in 1937 delineated the national boundaries of the water way and relations fluctuated from good…

Ulysses S. Grant at Cold Harbor, 1964

Ulysses S. Grant was once a towering figure in the American consciousness. The first man since Washington to possess military command over all United States Armies, President of the United States, celebrated equestrian, war hero, civil rights champion for freedmen, and a (posthumously) celebrated author.

Time, however, is a fickle mistress and Grant’s reputation has suffered. Not without some due reason. His administration was plagued by corruption. He issued controversial wartime orders, such as the expulsion of Jews from areas under his military control, he tried and failed to implement a more conciliatory policy towards Native Americans.

Still, Grant oversaw…

January 27th, 2020 was the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and Holocaust Memorial Day. 75 years since the greatest crime perpetrated in history. Some survivors are still alive to share their stories, some have since passed and their children and grandchildren now their children and grandchildren carry the burden of remembering. Many are remembering now on social media.

The Nazis murdered approximately 6 million Jews in their 12 year reign. Other victims included homosexuals, Slavs, the disabled, and other people that didn’t fit into the Nazis’ model race. …

Cancel Culture, Accountability and Forgiveness

I’ve been chewing on this topic for a while but this tweet finally triggered (heh) me enough to put pen to paper. There is nothing in the tweet that hasn’t been said before but my patience has run out.

“Cancel Culture” is a strange term (Jesse Singal gives a reasonable argument that it’s a bad term)but I think it inadvertently touches on an important aspect of its nature. “Cancelling” someone is a thoroughly dehumanizing act. A large part of that comes from how it’s carried out, or rather, how it manifests as a maniacal pile-on.



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